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Can i use any Primer?

No. There are many primers available and one primer does not do all jobs. Using the wrong primer can be disastrous and cause all sorts of problems ( ie mixing hardware enamel with automotive acrylics). If you are not sure, check with us first.

Will any Spray gun work for automotive paint?

No, its important to check the tip/needle size of your spray gun as well as check what the manufacturers recommendations of what tip to use. Unfortunately its not as simple as buying a new tip or needle for your spray gun, so be sure to check before you waste money on any Spray Gun.

Why are there variations of colour of my car?

Variations occur during production. Of course we assume it should be all the same colour but slight variations can occur from factory to factory, from day to day, from batch to batch. It also depends on if its metal being painted or plastic being painted.


Whats the difference between Acrylic and 2 Pack?

This is a complex answer but trying to simplify it, Acrylic (not water based house hold paint)is a Automotive Solvent Base Acrylic Lacquer (used in production around the 70’s). Acrylic Lacquer requires a thinner to dry, where as 2 Pack is a “ two part” Hardener Based Paint that uses a hardener to cure (often inside a baking oven, although there is air dry 2 packs available)

Your next question will be, how does this affect me? And i would ask, depends on your circumstances, so come in and see us.

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