Painting a Guitar with Flakes in a spray-can

We get a few people into the shop that want to paint their Electric Guitars, some of whom don’t have their own spray gear. So I thought I would put something together in this blog to show you how to spray your Electric Guitar with spray cans.

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Motorbike re-spray with spray-cans

I have been asked from time to time if its possible to paint a motorbike with spray cans. Whilst it is best to use the correct spray equipment, not every one has access to this, so when friend asked me to re-spray his bike I thought, here is an opportunity to show you how.

When painting a motorbike, you have to be careful with what products to use as there can be problems with fuel spilling (especially around the fuel tank) as it eats into the paint.  Hopefully this step by step by process can give you an idea of what to do and give you the confidence to give it a go yourself.

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